Minnesota Coal Countdown is a project of Fresh Energy, a Minnesota-based clean energy nonprofit working to speed Minnesota and the Midwest’s transition to a clean energy economy. The goal of Minnesota Coal Countdown is to help Minnesotans better understand where their power comes from and give them the tools to talk with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and their utilities about where our electricity is coming from.

Fresh Energy is changing the world through bold policy solutions that move us to a just, carbon-free future. We’re helping Minnesota and everyone who lives here end dependence on fossil fuel, electrify their lives, and build a healthy, clean energy economy where all can thrive.

Fresh Energy’s work encompasses…

Clean Electricity

Creating a carbon-free electricity system in the near term with renewable power replacing coal and other polluting fossil fuels.

The Energy Transition

Harnessing modern energy efficiency opportunities and moving carbon-intensive parts of our economy—like transportation and heating—onto clean electricity.

Energy Access and Equity

Ensuring a just and equitable energy transition for marginalized communities.

Education and Mobilization

Building a shared commitment to climate action by catalyzing support for a carbon-neutral economy—from education to action.

Learn more about Fresh Energy and get involved by visiting www.fresh-energy.org.

Fresh Energy at Minnesota State Capitol